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The period where the value of Managed Device Services become essential for businesses

the period where the value of managed device services become essential for businesses - The period where the value of Managed Device Services become essential for businesses

Today, we continue to witness how the on-going pandemic disrupted the business landscape and pushed organizations to pivot and adopt new business models. To do that, they must accelerate their digital transformation approach and enforce remote working overnight.

With the constant innovation in technology and the development of business models over the years, workplaces are now built and designed with a wide variety of enabling and complex technologies. Hence, it highlighted the value and importance of technology in today’s disrupted business world as businesses seek technology entrepreneurs and advisors to help them navigate and address the gap to execute remote working and IT complexities.

“I have seen how fast the demand for mobile devices increased since the ECQ happened due to the quick adjustments of companies to the new normal and enforcement of work-from-home. It became immediate needs for businesses to equip their workforce to operate efficiently and remotely,” said Allxyon Cua, president of AMTI, one of the most diversified ICT companies in the Philippines and a Digital Transformation enabler. “Surprisingly, the upsurge demand led to a shortage of supply globally,” he added. The augmented and acceleration of IT requirements today overwhelmed the management and workload of one’s IT Team.

Now, enter Managed Device Services (MDS). More than ever, the availability and benefit of MDS today became essential for business resilience. The quick procurement of mobility devices of companies that enforced work-from-home revealed instead of the advantage of acquiring devices preconfigured with the necessary software, business applications, and security was an integral factor to support and quickly enable a remote workforce for a streamlined and continued business operations,” said Bong Paloma, AMTI EVP for Technology, Sales and Marketing.

AMTI Bong Paloma 2 - The period where the value of Managed Device Services become essential for businesses

When companies adapt to MDS, it reduces the burden of in-house IT teams to manage and support end-users and upgrade or acquire new devices to replace outdated ones. This allows businesses to focus more on other financial plans, innovations, and other strategic methods to sustain their business and profitability. To understand the value of MDS, here are other benefits:

  1. Lessens financial burdens or other expenditures

Technology is imperative for businesses to operate efficiently. Companies incur several costs and invest in maintaining their equipment, software, and people to manage their operations. MDS is a consumption-based model allowing businesses to invest in operating expenditures (OPEX) to keep down expenses and allocate it to other business development plans.

  1. Maintenance and Technical Support (On-site and Remote)

MDS is an all-inclusive solution with a dedicated team of IT solutions experts and engineers that can help provide innovative-customized software and devices that fit the different employee personas. They also help alleviate the trouble of resolving technical concerns an end-user experience during work. With their strong knack and experiences in the industry, they can provide innovative-customized solutions that fit one’s business, get the maximum benefit, and ensure that everything operates and runs smoothly. It helps preserve the time of the in-house IT Team and attend to other tasks to improve one’s company.

  1. Strengthened Security

The breakthrough of remote working continues to unfold as we experience the new normal. However, this also presents intruders’ opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities and malicious attempts to steal valuable information and data within one’s distributed workforce’s IT environment. MDS ensures that all distributed devices have a full range of security information (data protection, threat monitoring, intrusion prevention systems, firewall, and other security systems) to allow companies to operate and work at ease.MDS also includes asset removal or data wipeout after utilization to guarantee confidentially and protect a company’s data and information.

AMTI Image Card - The period where the value of Managed Device Services become essential for businesses

Rather than being caught up with IT challenges today to enable a remote workforce, MDS helps mitigate those hurdles in the long term and allows leaders to focus more on the core aspects of business operations, drive their business forward and take it to new heights. It is not merely providing cost-efficient services, devices, and IT requirements for companies and their end-users. It creates opportunities for innovation and delivers added value to businesses to get the maximum benefit of their investment,” said Cua.

The work environment people accustomed to before the pandemic might not return to the way it once was. With the on-going pandemic, the word “transformation” is seen anywhere-in business and technology. It seems like the concept is overused but to continue doing business and survive the disrupted business landscape in the post-pandemic period, business leaders and owners must seek solutions and rebuild their business models.

AMTI, a Digital Transformation enabler, and champion, together with Dell Technologies, helps businesses with Managed Device Services provide custom or tailor-fit devices, optimize IT investments, increase financial flexibility, and innovate the all-inclusive workflow solution.

Talk to AMTI now to help you analyze your current workforce situation and remote work readiness to come up with recommendations and solutions tailored for your business. Send your inquiries at or email us at

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