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Top 5 emerging jobs all tech-related — LinkedIn

top 5 emerging jobs all tech related linkedin 816x445 - Top 5 emerging jobs all tech-related — LinkedIn
Linkedin 112918 - Top 5 emerging jobs all tech-related — LinkedIn

BUSINESS and employment services site LinkedIn said it expects the top five emerging jobs in the Philippines to be in the technology sector.

In a report, “Emerging Jobs: Philippines,” LinkedIn said, “As technology creates new industries and opportunities, jobs evolve and new ones emerge, often in unexpected ways.”

While IT skills are rising in demand, LinkedIn also emphasized the need for also having soft skills.

“The increasingly complex and high-value services the industry now offers, is delivering an evolving workforce – hybrids of hard and soft skills,” LinkedIn said.

LinkedIn lists the following as the top emerging occupations that will dominate the labor sector: Data Scientist, Application Development Analyst, Back End Developer, Full Stack Engineer, and Sales Development Representative.

The Philippines still needs to catch up in terms of data compared to its Western counterparts yet Data Scientists are the most in demand of the emerging occupations listed by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn reported that candidates for emerging occupations will be costly as these candidates will be more discerning. Potential candidates are already employees companies have who just need upskilling.

LinkedIn added: “In times of rapid change, the company that will succeed is the one that makes its workplace conducive for continuous learning.” — Gillian M. Cortez

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