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SONA economic numbers

sona economic numbers 816x691 - SONA economic numbers
Table1 071919 1024x867 - SONA economic numbers

By Bienvenido S. Oplas, Jr.

SELECTED macro-economic data of the Philippines compared to our more economically-stable neighbors in the region.

* The Philippines is the only economy with consistently declining GDP growth rate. Others have up-down or down-up trends.

Table1 071919 - SONA economic numbers

* The Philippines has the highest inflation rate in the region, 2018 and 2019 Year to date (Ytd., January to May/June).

Table2 071919 - SONA economic numbers

* The Philippines and Indonesia have high, decline then increase interest rates. Vietnam has the highest but with slight decline trend.

Table3 071919 - SONA economic numbers

* The Philippines and Indonesia have the worst current account/GDP ratio. Difference is that Indonesia has been in negative territory for several years now, Philippines only in 2018.

Table4 071919 - SONA economic numbers

The Duterte administration’s ma-croeconomic performance in the last three years is not sterling, not outstanding, and wasted the economic momentum from the previous administration. But at least we are still growing at a high rate above 5%.

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