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OFWs remittances increase markedly for Mother’s Day — WorldRemit

ofws remittances increase markedly for mothers day worldremit 816x445 - OFWs remittances increase markedly for Mother’s Day — WorldRemit
OFW 071618 - OFWs remittances increase markedly for Mother’s Day — WorldRemit

ONLINE MONEY transfer service WorldRemit said remittance activity from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) tends to increase in the run-up to Mother’s Day.

WorldRemit Managing Director for Asia-Pacific Michael Liu said Filipino customers tend to increase their remittance activity shortly before Mother’s Day.

“We do see remittance activity increase during events like Mother’s Day. Last year, WorldRemit saw an increase of remittances in the week leading up to Mother’s Day of 13%,” he told BusinessWorld on Friday.

According to a WorldRemit survey, 99% of OFWs observe Mother’s Day and 82% celebrate the holiday by sending money to their mothers. More than half of WorldRemit’s OFW customers have transferred money online for Mother’s Day.

“We conducted a survey of our Filipino customers in connection to Mothers Day activities — 62% said they send money to their Mothers for Mother’s day… Our conclusion (is that) Mother’s day is an important day for our OFWs,” he added.

The survey also shows that 78% call their mothers on the phone to mark the occasion and 52% send gifts. Mr. Liu added that WorldRemit also observes “an increase in value” in money sent during Mother’s Day from the usual amount OFWs typically send.

“We see an increase in average amount sent. Not only do OFWs send on a more regular basis in the period leading up to these events but they do send more. We do see an increase in transaction value, transaction output (during these periods),” he said. — Gillian M. Cortez

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