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House bill to modernize public school system

house bill to modernize public school system 816x445 - House bill to modernize public school system

ALBAY Rep. Jose Ma. S. Salceda has filed a bill that seeks to modernize the country’s public school system in preparation for “disruptive technologies” of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Mr. Salceda’s House Bill 311 seeks to provide public school students with a laptop computer and access to the Internet.

Under the measure, public school students will “receive instruction in a digital classroom complete with a digital board and such other digital tools and devices that will allow them to be at par with their peers in other parts of the world.”

Equipping students at the basic education level with information and communication technology skills will give students in remote areas equal opportunities, Mr. Salceda said in the bill’s explanatory note.

Under the measure, computers will play a key role as a communication medium between students and teachers.

“The imaginary school of the future operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day where a student can access his ‘classroom’ in the comfort of his home at any time of the day with the use of a computer or mobile device,” the lawmaker said.

Under the bill, the Education department must provide workshops to develop teachers’ computer skills. It also requires the agency to collaborate with the Department of Information and Communications Technology in setting up a stable and reliable Internet connection.

The measure mandates the Education department to provide financial assistance to poor students.

Students would still be required to attend school for physical activities. “The learners’ engagement in a face-to-face setting is still an important part in the development of the student’s responsiveness to command and affective skills by promoting the development of their interpersonal relationships,” Mr. Salceda said.

“This is especially true for such subjects as Physical Education/Sports, the Arts, and Technology and Livelihood,” he said. — Vince Angelo C. Ferreras

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