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Animal disease study targets development of vaccine for livestock, fish

animal disease study targets development of vaccine for livestock fish 816x445 - Animal disease study targets development of vaccine for livestock, fish

PAMPANGA STATE Agricultural University (PSAU) will conduct a study of diseases affecting livestock and fisheries to aid the development of potential vaccines, the Department of Agriculture (DA) said.

The DA signed the Memorandum of Agreement on Aug. 8 with PSAU for the P6.4-million project that aims to provide data on animal viruses that can be used by drug manufacturing industries to create custom design vaccines that target the viral strains affecting an area.

The project will study viruses which cause African Swine Fever, Newcastle Disease, which affects poultry; avian influenza; tilapia lake virus; and white spot syndrome, which affects shrimp.

“The launch of this project is both timely and relevant, as it marks a new milestone in our efforts to boost our capacity to accurately detect and effectively manage emerging animal diseases, including that of transboundary diseases, here in Central Luzon and nearby regions,” Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar said.

Funding for the DA-PSAU program, known as “DNA Analysis for Accurate Diagnosis of Emerging Deadly Viruses among Agri-fisheries of Central Luzon,” will come from the DA’s Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR).

Mr. Dar directed BAR and PSAU to inventory the capacity of diagnostic research facilities nationwide.

“Supporting this project can help us in a big way in the future. Let us tap the best of molecular science and all biotechnology tools available,” Mr. Dar said. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave

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