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Unneeded travel prohibited under altered lockdown

unneeded travel prohibited under altered lockdown 816x445 - Unneeded travel prohibited under altered lockdown

PEOPLE in areas that have been locked down will be barred from crossing over places without restrictions, the presidential palace said on Tuesday.

Exceptions will be made for those who need to work, Presidential Spokesman Harry L. Roque said at a briefing on Tuesday, citing travel guidelines from an inter-agency task force.

People outside areas under enhanced or modified enhanced community quarantine may also enter these zones to work, he said.

People under a laxer general community quarantine are free to move within these areas as long as these are not for leisure, Mr. Roque said.

Humanitarian workers, people heading to the airport to fly overseas, migrant workers on their way home and people being ferried by the government are exempted from the ban, Mr. Roque said.

Cargo movement across all community quarantine zones will remain unhampered, although these will be limited to five workers. — Gillian M. Cortez

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