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Triathlon grassroots-style

triathlon grassroots style 816x445 - Triathlon grassroots-style
CamSur triathlon 1 052719 - Triathlon grassroots-style

FISHERMEN, farmers, and road drivers of Camarines Sur battled it out in this year’s Boy Kayod, a triathlon with a twist, held as part of the province’s annual Kaogma Festival. Held on May 26 at the CamSur Watersports Complex, 87 teams of three participated in this year’s triathlon, which consisted of 2 kilometers (kms) of paddling on a traditional fisherman’s boat, 5 kms of pedalling on a tricycad (a 3-wheeled bicycle used as public transport), and a 1.5-km run with one of the team members carrying half a sack of rice. The Boy Kayod “grassroots triathlon” is a test of endurance that highlights the province’s toilers. The Kaogma Festival is a week-long celebration marking Camarines Sur’s May 27 founding anniversary.

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