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Incoming Cebu City mayor wants 2-year business permit validity

incoming cebu city mayor wants 2 year business permit validity - Incoming Cebu City mayor wants 2-year business permit validity
labella edgardo freeman e1559131674483 - Incoming Cebu City mayor wants 2-year business permit validity

CEBU CITY Vice-Mayor Edgardo C. Labella, the incoming mayor after winning in the recent midterm elections, wants to make the city more business-friendly, starting with a proposal to extend the validity of the annual local permit to two years. “One of the first things that I will ask of the members of the Sanggunian Panlungsod (city council) is to pass a legislation that the processing of business permits will be done only every two years because we have to create a business-friendly atmosphere,” Mr. Labella told reporters. He clarified, however, that the payment of local taxes will still be every year under his proposal. “Of course, they will pay their business tax yearly, but the processing of the business permits will be once every two years, so that we lessen the burden. It needs an ordinance for that purpose,” he explained. Under the current system, business permits are renewed simultaneously every January. This year, the city assessed a total of 32,869 establishments, higher than last year’s 30,828. The City Treasurer’s Office collected P1.2 billion from 32,000 businesses within the 18-day renewal period in January. The city will impose a 2% interest per month and 25% surcharge, and other penalties, to those who did not meet the deadline. One of the city’s reelected councilors, Sisinio M. Andales, told The Freeman that he will look into Mr. Labella’s proposal. “It needs public hearing to hear the sentiments of the stakeholders and to balance the advantages and disadvantages of the said measure,” he said. — The Freeman

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