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Iloilo transforming public walls and spaces into art scenes

iloilo transforming public walls and spaces into art scenes 816x355 - Iloilo transforming public walls and spaces into art scenes

BLANK PUBLIC walls in Iloilo City have been designated as canvasses for local artists as part of the city government’s support for a more vibrant art scene. “As much as possible, we want to paint all blank walls and open spaces in the city. We have many talented Ilonggos and we want to showcase their talents and skills,” Mayor Jerry P. Treñas said during last week’s unveiling of the first mural project located in Barangay Sambag in Jaro District. “This is the first of the many art projects that we lined up for the city,” he added. Other areas that have been lined up are three buildings in Muelle Loney and a wall in the Molo District. Artists from Manila are also visiting this week to explore partnerships with their local counterparts or some of the art projects. Mr. Treñas also called on barangay officials and residents to protect the murals and other planned installations. “We hope that our barangay officials will do their part in overseeing our art projects and making it sustainable, otherwise all our efforts will be wasted,” he said.

Meanwhile, the city is also preparing to hold the first Iloilo Summer Arts Festival, set on April 3 to May 17, next year. It will showcase all art forms, including visual arts, dance, music, literature, film and theater, crafts, horticulture, and culinary arts. Aside from local artists, the city government will be tapping the private sector and other stakeholders for art installations, living statues and art fairs in the metro. — Emme Rose S. Santiagudo

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