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Expanding BIMP-EAGA tourism ties with Islamic tours

expanding bimp eaga tourism ties with islamic tours - Expanding BIMP-EAGA tourism ties with Islamic tours
Loro Blonyo 052019 - Expanding BIMP-EAGA tourism ties with Islamic tours
Aneka Kartika Travel and Tours’ Vernon Prieto presents a Loro Blonyo, an Indonesian traditional goodluck symbol, as he promotes to the Mindanao market cultural and Islamic tours to Brunei and Surabaya. — BW/LEAN S. DAVAL, JR.

TOUR OPERATOR Aneka Kartika Travel and Tours has started offering combined Brunei-Surabaya, Indonesia tours to the Mindanao market with focus on Islamic and cultural attractions. “We are hoping to get some interest from the Muslim community in Mindanao. We’ve been already approached by some Muslim travel agents who are interested. This offering to open to everybody who is open to the Muslim and Javanese cultures,” said Vernon Prieto of the Surabaya-based Aneka Kartika Travel and Tours in an interview. The company participated in the recent 4th Annual Philippine Halal Trade and Tourism Expo 2019 following an invitation from the Consulate of Indonesia in Davao. “It’s not only Indonesia because you get to spend the whole day in Brunei for Islamic culture. So you will be able to see the mosques, floating village, and Regalia,” Mr. Prieto said. “We have three different packages with different variations. The complete package will allow you to visit the tombs of the nine walis, from Surabaya all the way to Jakarta and that’s about eight days,” he added. Tourism linkages and promotion has been one of the main pursuits of the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines-East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA). — Maya M. Padillo

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