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Ex-senator summoned to DoJ

ex senator summoned to doj 816x445 - Ex-senator summoned to DoJ

GOVERNMENT prosecutors summoned former Senator Antonio F. Trillanes IV after he was charged with kidnapping of a woman back in 2016.

The former lawmaker was ordered to appear at a preliminary investigation at the Justice department next month, according to a copy of the summons.

Prosecutors also asked Mr. Trillanes to submit his answer and other supporting documents.

“Failure on your part to comply with the subpoena shall be considered as a waiver of your right for investigation and confirm the allegations of the complaint,” according to a copy of the order signed by Assistant State Prosecutor Gino Paolo S. Santiago.

A woman filed a complaint against Mr. Trillanes in August accusing him of kidnapping and detaining her for two weeks. The complainant claimed she had been forced to agree to slander the administration of President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

Mr. Trillanes has denied any wrongdoing. He said it was highly suspicious that the case was filed three years after it allegedly happened. — Gillian M. Cortez

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