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Baguio gov’t starts traffic management project with MMDA

baguio govt starts traffic management project with mmda 816x445 - Baguio gov’t starts traffic management project with MMDA
Baguio traffic 062419 - Baguio gov’t starts traffic management project with MMDA

OFFICIALS OF BAGUIO CITY and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) met last week to jump-start the plan of crafting a traffic management program to address the congestion problem in the mountain tourist destination. In a release from the city’s Public Information Office, MMDA Director Noemi T. Recio, head of the Traffic Engineering Center, is quoted as saying: “We will conduct a comprehensive study, particularly on the geometry of road intersections and traffic movement count which may take about two weeks to survey.” Ms. Recio also asked for all available data relating to the volume of vehicles passing through the main thoroughfares of the city as well as the classification of vehicles, and direction and time when congestion is at its worst. The Baguio City government will also provide data on existing road intersections and the width of barangay, city and national roads. The MMDA will send a team of at least 14 technical personnel to inspect and study the actual existing road intersection designs, including the traffic light timing schemes. The actual survey is planned for September when all schools have resumed classes, including weekends when tourist arrivals usually increase. Ms. Recio said they are aiming to complete the study, including recommendations as to civil works, electrical design and cost estimates, by the end of the year. Mayor Benjamin S. Magalong, in the same statement, said, “Traffic management is no easy feat. There is a science behind it.”

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