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Airline regulator seeks to expand passenger rights

airline regulator seeks to expand passenger rights 816x445 - Airline regulator seeks to expand passenger rights

THE AIRLINE regulator is considering expanding the rights of travelers especially during force majeure as part of a plan to change passengers’ bill of rights.

The revision would make it in keeping with the times, Civil Aeronautics Board Executive Director Carmelo L. Arcilla said.

“It may be time to revise the air passenger bill of rights to make it more relevant to current developments,” he said at an online briefing on Thursday. “We are looking for more support for passengers at any time, under any circumstances.”

Mr. Arcilla noted that under present rules, airlines have limited responsibility to passengers in case flights are canceled due to force majeure.

The agency, which regulates the economic aspect of air transportation, is seeking to expand the support that airlines must give to passengers.

Mr. Arcilla also said the outlook for the aviation sector remained bleak because of the coronavirus pandemic.

There have only been 800 international flights from Manila since June 1 compared with 47,224 flights a year earlier, he said.

The projected recovery was unlikely to come until after four years, Mr. Arcilla said, citing the International Civil Aviation Organization. — Arjay L. Balinbin

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