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ABS-CBN seeks dismissal of gov’t lawsuit

abs cbn seeks dismissal of govt lawsuit 816x445 - ABS-CBN seeks dismissal of gov’t lawsuit

ABS-CBN Corp. and its unit have asked the Supreme Court to dismiss a government lawsuit seeking to revoke their franchises.

In a pleading, the media giant said the solicitor general’s suit sends a “chilling effect,” adding that a potential shutdown would compromise freedom of speech and of the press, which is guaranteed by the 1987 Constitution.

The network also argued the quo warranto petition could not be used to counter an alleged misuse of a legislative franchise and violates the doctrine of hierarchy of courts.

ABS-CBN said its pay-per-view channel does not violate its legislative franchise, adding that its unit had complied with the law.

The network also said the Philippine depository receipts it had issued did not violate foreign ownership restrictions of the Constitution. — Vann Marlo M. Villegas

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