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Senator vows to pursue financial inclusion

senator vows to pursue financial inclusion 816x445 - Senator vows to pursue financial inclusion

SENATOR Grace Poe on Friday vowed to pursue financial literacy and inclusion as head of the banks committee.

In a speech before members of the Chamber of Thrift Banks, the lawmaker said financial literacy could help more Filipinos to take part in banking services.

“More than 80% of our countrymen have not been to a financial institution,” Ms. Poe said. She added that many Filipinos rely on money sent by a family member working overseas. “So can you imagine the potential of your industry?”

Members of her committee would meet with Education Secretary Leonor M. Briones in November to see how financial literacy could be included in the country’s school curriculum, Ms. Poe told reporters at the forum. — Luz Wendy T. Noble

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